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Understanding the Electronic Structure of IrO2 Using Hard-X-ray Photoelectron Spectroscopy and Density-Functional Theory. 2014/04/18
  J. M. Kahk, C. G. Poll, F. E. Oropeza, J. M. Ablett, D. Céolin, J.-P. Rueff, S. Agrestini, Y. Utsumi, K. D. Tsuei, Y. F. Liao, F. Borgatti, G. Panaccione, A. Regoutz, R. G. Egdell, B. J. Morgan, D. O.
Staphylococcus Aureus Protein SAUGI Acts as a Uracil-DNA Glycosylase Inhibitor 2014/04/18
  H.-C. Wang, K.-C. Hsu, J.-M. Yang, M.-L. Wu, T.-P. Ko, S.-R. Lin, and A. H.-J. Wang*
Direct In Situ Observation of Li2O Evolution on Li-rich High-capacity Cathode Material, Li[NixLi(1−2x)/3Mn(2−x)/3]O2 (0 ≤ x ≤0.5) 2014/04/01
  S. Hy, F. Felix, J. Rick, W.-N. Su, and B. J. Hwang
Two Potential Therapeutic Antibodies Bind to a Peptide Segment of Membrane-bound IgE in Different Conformations 2014/04/01
  H.-M. Chu, J. Wright, Y.-H. Chan, C.-J. Lin, T. W. Chang*, and Carmay Lim
Lsm2 and Lsm3 bridge the interaction of the Lsm1-7 complex with Pat1 for decapping activation 2014/03/21
  D. Wu, D. Muhlrad, M. W. Bowler, S. Jiang, Z. Liu, R. Parker, and H. Song*
Infrared Spectra of Protonated Coronene and Its Neutral Counterpart in Solid Parahydrogen: Implications for Unidentified Interstellar Infrared Emission Bands 2014/03/21
  M. Bahou, Y.-J. Wu*, and Y.-P. Lee
Production of N3 upon photolysis of solid nitrogen at 3 K with synchrotron radiation. 2014/03/21
  S.-L. Chou, J.-I. Lo, M.-Y. Lin, Y.-C. Peng, H.-C. Lu, and B.-M. Cheng*
Structural Basis for Catalysis and Ubiquitin Recognition by the Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus Papain-like Protease 2014/03/14
C.-Y. Chou*, H.-Y. Lai, H.-Y. Chen, S.-C. Cheng, K.-W. Cheng, and Y.-W. Chou

A Complete High-to-Low spin state Transition of Trivalent Cobalt Ion in Octahedral Symmetry in SrCo0.5Ru0.5O3-δ

Inelastic x-ray scattering lifting the veil on carbon coordination in amorphous CO2 2014/02/10
  Sean R. Shieh, Ignace Jarrige, Min Wu, Nozomu Hiraokae, John S. Tsed, Zhongying Mia, Linada Kacia,Jian-Zhong Jiang, and Yong Q. Cai
Novel c-di-GMP Recognition Modes of the Mouse Innate Immune Adaptor Protein STING 2013/11/14
Efficient Oxidation of Methane to Methanol by Dioxygen Mediated by Tricopper Clusters 2013/10/29
Well-Defined Multibranched Gold with Surface Plasmon Resonance in Near-Infrared Region from Seeding Growth Approach Using Gyroid Block Copolymer Template 2013/09/26
Embryology of Early Jurassic Dinosaur from China with Evidence of Preserved Organic Remains 2013/09/14