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Prof. Nei-Li Chan Won the 2012 Junior Researcher Award


Academia Sinica hosted "the young scholars Research Award" on June 5, 2012. An NSRRC User, Prof. Nai-Li Chan of Institute of Biochemistry and Molecular Biology, College of Medicine, National Taiwan University, won the honor of the Life Sciences Division of the 2012 Junior Researcher Award. Prof. Chan was chosen from a large group of remarkable candidates. All the staff at NSRRC were proud of this great honor. The awards are presented to 15 recipients in three main categories: Mathematics and Physical Sciences Division, Life Sciences Division, and Humanities and Social Sciences Division. This year a total of 166 applications were received. All submissions underwent a stringent review procedure including pre-screening, initial review, 2nd stage review, and a final review.

Since 1996, Academia Sinica has been honoring junior scholars who have published research papers that make a lasting impact in their research fields with the Academia Sinica Research Awards for Junior Investigators in Taiwan. The award has been pursued by many young academics in Taiwan and is perceived as a great honor.

Prof. Chan, Nei-Li et al, utilized NSRRC Protein crystallography laboratory facilities to conduct research. Their remarkable research paper entitled “Structural Basis of Type II Topoisomerase Inhibition by the Anticancer Drug Etoposide” was published in Science Journal last year (Science 333, 459 (2011)). As a major breakthrough in the anticancer drug development, their research findings will be able to contribute to the development of new anticancer drugs which enhance treatment effect and reduce the number of side effects in the treatment of cancer.

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